Strategic Human Resource Management: An Analysis amongst Pandemic

Life is a journey with problems to solve and lessons to learn but most of all experiences to enjoy. The year 2020 has indeed been a year of chaos and everyone's life has become a muddle. Problems have crept in, in every house and workplace. One of the biggest problems the organizations are facing are with regards to their workforce. A drastic change has been seen in organizations over the past few months. The business has slowed down, clients are lost, some organizations have cut down on the pay scale, some organizations have downsized the work force, and some organization force their employees to work extra and the list goes on. Human Resource best support the objective set forth in a corporate vision. As the demands for the Human Resource has been changing significantly, the HR leader moves into a more strategic role. It requires both an increasingly forward-looking workforce strategy and quantification of HR's business contribution. Even during these times of chaos and pandemic, human resource can be a profitable factor through a proactive policy of effective communication. It's now time for the HR professionals to re assert their leadership to build new ways of working that create sustainability for organizations and their people.

The Department of Commerce and Management of SJC Hassan, jointly organized a one-day National Level Webinar on the topic "Strategic Human Resource Management: An Analysis amidst the Pandemic" on 19 th August 2020. The webinar was conducted on Google meet platform and around 250 participants consisting of academicians, research scholars and students actively took part in the webinar. The program was compered by Ms Jenisia Lasrado, Faculty at the Department of Management. Ms Prathima Prabhu, HOD, Department of Commerce and Mr Pradeep Kumar, HOD, Department of Management were the coordinators for the webinar. Mr Rovin Martis, Faculty, Department of Commerce came in as a great aid for the webinar through his technical assistance.

The webinar commenced with a hymn led by Ms Jenisia and Ms Sashikala, accompanied by the keyboard played by Br. Sanson, followed by a red-carpet welcome to the dignitaries. Rev Fr Roshan David Periera SJ, the Director, then addressed the gathering and briefed about the college, courses offered and facilities provided. Webinar had 3 sessions, each of 40 minutes.

Session 1:

Resource Person: Dr. Mousumi Sen Gupta, Professor (OB & HRM), SDMIMD.
Topic dealt: Strategic Human Resource Management in Pandemic.

Session 2:

Resource person: Dr Ashwini S, Associate Professor, Vidhyavardhaka First Grade College, PG Centre, Mysuru Topic dealt: Emotional intelligence in Covid

Session 3:

Resource Person: Dr. Rajeshwari GM, Associate Professor, Vidhyavardhaka First Grade College, PG Centre, Mysuru Topic dealt: Work-life balance during Covid.

The Management and Staff are extremely grateful to the 3 HR Professionals for delivering exceptional content and having a very interactive and information session. Efforts put are truly worth the applaud.