Ms. Roshni Gandhi (B Com, Alumni)
St. Joseph's college has given me a vision towards society, my dreams and my aims. These three years were the best years of my life. It’s very difficult to sum up whole my 3 years' experience in few lines. Teaching and non- teaching staff were supportive and motivating all these years. They have built me with confidence, helping attitude and good nature. To boost our hobbies, with curricular many other co-curricular activates were held. Over all I would like to say these three years were filled with happiness, knowledge and loads of memories. Blessed being a Josephite.
Ms. Uma Bharathi T.M (B Com, Alumni)
Yes, college life is golden life and my golden life began when I choose St Joseph's college Hassan. This is the best college around Hassan city. We are blessed to have such supportive staff. College not only supports the students in the sense of education but it also supports in the extracurricular activities. There are lots of extra-curricular activities to take part in. College also provides additional courses to encourage the students to develop self- confidence and face challenges in this competitive world. Yes, we can choose lots of colleges in Hassan but in terms of technically qualified college definitely it is "ST JOSEPH'S COLLEGE, HASSAN" Proud to be Josephite
Mr. Nag Kushal (Alumni, B.COM)
It was splendid to be a part of St. Josephs. Journey at St. Joseph's was a memorable to me. It created a milestone in my life. It gave me a great exposure and therefore it was worth. College had a peaceful environment and created a positive vibe for each and every student to learn and explore. Coming to teachers, they were supportive and stood with us for all the activities. They were experienced and qualified with different specializations.

It was a ladder for us to climb and achieve success. For me "ST. JOSEPH’S WAS AN EMOTION" I am proud to be an alumnus of St. Joseph’s First Grade College.
Ms. Ujwala M.G (Alumni, B.COM)
Success comes by taking the right decision and I took the right decision of joining St. Joseph's college Hassan. We were blessed with hardworking and dedicated lecturers they make sure every class is fun, educational and interactive. I liked the friendly atmosphere here. The facilities at this college are impeccable which helped me to develop my self-confidence and to face the challenges of this competitive world. This institution helped me to excel not only in curricular activities but also co-curricular activities. According to me St. Joseph's college is the best as it provides quality education along with enjoyable and pleasurable campus. I proudly say that I am a Josephite.
Ms. Shraddha V Char (Alumni B.COM)
My 3 years at St. Joseph's were one of my best experiences I ever had. It gave me exposure to various extra- curricular activities along with great academics. It provided all the facilities and encouragement needed to attain high in life. Looking back, I can see my college was extremely important and a stepping stone in my career. It allowed me to develop my interpersonal skills, which are extremely important in any field of work."

A few years ago, our college was a small & a struggling organization. And, if we talk about today, our graduates have widely-spread throughout the globe in search for growth, learning, knowledge and their performances make difference everywhere. Many of them are still on my mind showcasing their excellence and outstanding performance. I believe that our college has now become one of the great institutions of the city, which was ranked good numbers in the Hassan city in regards to the best education. And to achieve greatness, it has all the important prerequisites such as an expansive campus, conducive environment for all-round growth, experienced faculty, dedicated students, necessary financial resources, etc.

We feel proud and honored for having studied in this prestigious college, which equipped us and trained us as professionals.
Ms. Kavana S Bagi (Alumni B.COM)
COLLEGE' is much beyond institution. This college has molded my personality and clarified vision of future. I have gained achievements- applauds and opportunities-thoughts from my college and my lecturers. Here I found culture of excellence, empowerment and enrichment. It is one of the famous colleges around the Hassan city. This college made us climb on the ladder of success.

I got lot of support from my teacher mentors throughout two years. This made me much more memorable. I just want to say I am so grateful that this college is stepping stone of my career life and to have bright future.
Mr. Azaruddin M.S (Alumni B.B.M)
My experience as a student in this institution was amazing. The faculty here are very friendly and they encourage us to improve good social moralities. This college has a good infrastructure and academics to study, they also conduct many extracurricular activities for exhibiting the talent of the learners.

The management gives more attention to advance the leadership qualities of the students by having student council for every individual batches.

To get succeed in your life, opting St. Joseph’s institution will be a great decision.

Thank you for giving this opportunity for my words. At last, I am very proud to be a Josephite.
Ms.Tasmiya Tabassum (Alumni B.COM)
This is a glorious movement for me when I am writing few words about my college. It gives me a great pleasure in sharing my success after joining St. Joseph's college. This institution has successfully accomplished its promise and objectives in providing quality education and overall development of all its students.

The Principal and faculties always motive me to empower myself and very friendly, enthusiastic, ready to help, encouraging and supportive each of the faculty member help me a lot.

I thank to each and every one of you for who are still there and who were formerly working as well for helping me to adjust in every situation and to build my career.
Mr. Anoop A (3 rd B Com, 2020)
St Jospeh's College is one of the finest colleges in Hassan for academics and extra-curricular activities. Faculties always treated me very well and tier enormous support has flourished me. The best part of the college was being a part of a supportive environment, where everyone is focused, help each other, and are encouraged to succeed as individuals. I found supportive seniors, beautiful campus, quality of education and friends for life here. It's not possible to share my memories and experience of 3 years in these few lines.

Apart from learning, we have an exposure to various events that go on in and out of the college. The college has already produced very good results and continues to improve the quality of education it provides with each passing year.

It was a great pleasure to be a part of this esteemed institution.
Ms. Jasmine Viegas (3 rd B Com, 2020)
I have been associated with St Joseph’s college from the year 2018. Joseph’s brings in all the amazing opportunities to your footsteps, let it be a course BCom or BBA. Not just towards academics but it also takes care of student's extra-curricular activities. One should have enthusiastic nature to grab every opportunity provided to you and make the best use of it. We have an excellent faculty, who always encourage us. My lecturers have taught me that my real competition is not between me and other people, instead its between me and the person who stands opposite to me in the mirror. They make sure that each day I am a better person than the previous day.

Joseph's has a very good infrastructure be it computer lab, digital library, canteen, chapel, auditorium etc. I can't forget the awesome time I spent in the college especially at "Explorica", Academic and Cultural fests. I just got nostalgic and I wish to be associated with Joseph’s family in future also. Thank you, Joseph’s for being an amazing family to me.
Mr. Varun (3 rd BBA, 2020)
This is Varun N of 3 rd BBA, Batch 2020-2021. My Journey at St Joseph's began in the year 2018. The Huge campus, attractive building, wide playground with a basketball court are eye catching. The college is reputedly known for its efficiency both in academics and sports events.

The dashing combination of challenging situation to the students and impressive support of the faculty makes this institute unique one. Though students seem to be lost and confused at the beginning the college guides them and give them the true meaning of the life at a degree college. The outcome of effective coaching and student friendly exams are seen in the form of good results. The faculty, Especially Mr. Dinesh M Gaonkar is more like a friend than a teacher. His support and efforts are leading the institution since 16 years. Its indeed a privilege to me to be a part of this reputed institution. Indeed, Joseph’s is an amazing college with very good education system and extra-curricular activities.
Ms. Sinchana B V ( 3 rd BBA, 2020)
It's my immense luck and fortune to be a part of St Joseph’s College where I can constantly grow and flourish. The entire faculty and management leave no stone unturned to shape one’s future. My journey at this college has been a wonderful experience of learning with prolific exposure to outside. A huge respect, love and devotion for the entire faculty members and department. It' their efforts that make me count myself into better professionals.

I have established my leadership, team management and team skills and have been able to advance these skills to a whole new level. I am thankful to all faculty mentors and the entire college. Overall it was a great experience and a lifetime memory at St Joseph’s.
Mr. Nirmal Seervi (3 rd BBA, 2020)
St Joseph's College has been a great contributor to the development of my personality. I have established leadership, time management and team skills.

The infrastructure of the college is one of the best in the region. The best part about this college is the cross- culture interaction between the students and lecturers, they truly support each student be it in their academics or self-development.
Mr. Robin Corderio (3 rd B Com,2020)
I would like to begin by thanking all the staff for their constant support and guidance throughout my academic tenure at St Joseph's. I like that fact that the classes are very decent and lecturers are friendly. They are always willing to help.

St Joseph’s college offers a wide range of social activities. The infrastructure of the college is amazing. College also provides us with some technical courses like SAP, Tally ERP etc and they also provide coaching classes for CA/CS which is extremely useful for the students.

Along with academics we have been motivated to take part in the sports activities and the other extra-curricular activities. There are many clubs organized by the college which help us to develop our interests and personality. One such club is AICUF, which I was a part of. AICUF has helped me to grow as individual and has always inspired me to live not only for myself but also for others. Various social activities like annual camps, rural camps, old age home visit, Christmas programs etc. were organized by the association.

I would conclude by saying that St Josephs is an awesome place to pursue our higher education.