Objectives of the College:

In keeping with the ethos of the Society of Jesus, the guiding force behind this institution and keeping in tune with the spirit and needs of the times we live in, the College aims at the holistic formation of students, helping them to become men and women imbued with a spirit of excellence and an abiding concern for others. These are guided by three intertwined goals:

Academic Excellence:
The college has set high standards of education. Personal involvement in study is ensured through assignments, seminars, personal reading and use of the library facility. The objective is to make the student develop the art of critical thinking. Associations such as Eco Club, Literary Club, Corporate Club and Adventure Club provide opportunities to students, to develop and display their talents and abilities.

Character Formation:
The College considers formation of character as an essential aspect of education. Character includes behaviour, values and attitudes to life. The stress is not only on hard work, perseverance, honesty and sensitivity to others but also on universal love which embraces all people cutting across barriers of language, religion, and caste.

Social Concern:
Concern for others is at the heart of education in the college. We expect all our students to place their knowledge at the service of the society. The college provides students with plentiful opportunities for personal and social development. Our mission is to build up a group of men and women who would be agents of change towards a secular world of fraternity, equality and justice.