"You are unique. You have different talents and abilities. You don't have to always follow in the footsteps of others. And most important, you should always remind yourself that you don't have to do what everyone else is doing and have a responsibility to develop the talents you have been given." - Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Yes as said above all of us are different and have different talents in us and the best way to get out the talents is through competitions wherein we get to test our abilities and know where we are lacking behind. "If you're young and talented, it's like you have wings."- Haruki Murakami. The youngsters of today are blessed with immense talents and are capable of going to any extreme to have their dreams fulfilled. SJC Hassan is known to give opportunities, not only to its own students but also to the other college students, to enhance their knowledge and skills and also help them prepare for the corporate world which they would be entering into, in the years to come.

EXPLORICA 2020, A State Level Inter Degree College fest was organised by the Department of Commerce and Management of St Joseph's College, Hassan. Around 15 degree colleges in and around Hassan participated in the fest. The quadrangle of SJC Hassan, brightened with a colourful decor, opened its arms to welcome around 200 students who got registered at the registration desk which was placed at the entrance, to participate in various events which were awaiting them. EXPLORICA 2020 harvested 8 crops in form of events whose yield would be reaped off by evening. With black and gold theme, EXPLORICA 2020 was jam packed with events such as MAENIJEO (Best Manager event), HUNTER EMPIRE (Marketing event), CASHPARENCY (Finance Event), CARPE DIEM (HR Event), HUNKEY BRAINS (Quiz), FLIGHT OF FEET (Group Dance), THE ARTSY LENS (Photography) and SPIRIT SQUAD (Team Building Event).

Inaugural ceremony was set in motion by the hosts of the programme, Ms Yashasvini and Mr Premsagar. Ms Sindu Swamy and team invoked God's blessings gathering through a dance performance. Sri Srinivas Gowda, IPS Supritendent of Police, Hassan, espoused to be the Chief Guest of the inaugural ceremony. The programme was preceded by Rev Fr Joseph Dsouza, Superior and Secretary, Hassan Jesuit Educational Society. Sri Suraj Revanna, Youth Leader, Hassan, was chosen to be the Guest of Honour for the programme. The other luminaries were Rev Fr Roshan David Periera, Director, SJC Hassan, Mr Dinesh M Gaonkar, Principal SJC, Hassan, Mr Rovin Martis, Student Governor & program convenor and Mr Joyster Monis, Student President, SJC Hassan.

To give the programme an eternal start the dignitaries lit the lamp. Mr Tejas Jain augmented a red carpet welcome to the dignitaries and the gathering. Mr Dinesh M Gaonkar, Principal, SJC Hassan in his speech said "EXPLORICA 2020 suggests possibilities, opportunities, creativity, and the colourfulness of youth. Today you all get a chance to express yourself in the best spirit of friendly competitiveness. It is a time to enjoy the splash of immense talent on the huge canvas that is spread out for you."

The Chief Guest, Srinivas Gowda, IPS, Supretendent of police, was introduced to the gathering by Mr Suheb Khalandar, after which he was felicitated. Sri Srinivas Gowda in his address to the gathering said "Life, let me remind you is made special by memories. I am sure The EXPLORICA 2020 will become for you a cherished memory, a snapshot that you will showcase for the rest of your lives. Let me wish all of you good success. At the end of the day there will be winners. At the same time there will be some who may not finish at the top three. But then they are not losers. They have put in their best efforts. It is that which counts more than being able to win. So strive to excel."

Rev Fr Roshan, Director, SJC, Hassan, then took his turn and addressed the gathering as "The true achievement of programmes like EXPLORICA 2020 is the exchange of ideas and establishment of new relationships and friendships that paint our life's canvas with a variety of colours. Such programs allow us to think beyond our daily spheres of influence and think of the world beyond our immediate surroundings."

Rev Fr Joseph Dsouza, President of the programme in his address mentioned "Event like these expands our minds, gives us a greater capacity to love, and enables us to push ourselves to new standards of excellence. I congratulate and thank all the members of the organizing team for their selfless effort to make this event a grant success. I wish all participants success. Let the competitions happen in the true spirit of sportsmanship. Life is made beautiful by shared moments like this. I can see the eager faces all around looking ahead in anticipation. Wish you all success. God bless you all. Thank you."

The inaugural ceremony wound up with the vote of thanks proposed by Ms Deekshitha. The flight of EXPLORICA 2020 took off with the various events that were organised. After all the activities, competition and stress to win, the day came to a halt with the valedictory program. "A Leader is someone who creates an event; Team members essentially bring life to it. Today SJC, Hassan as emerged as a leader by organising EXPLORICA 2020 and the various colleges have bought life to this programme by being the team players. The end of a story is the new beginning for many others. On this note let's conclude a remarkable, memorable and knowledgeable event" were the words of Rev Fr Ronald Menezes who was designated to be the Chief Guest for the valedictory programme. Prizes were then distributed and Adichunchangiri Institute of Business Management bagged the overall championship.